Spondylosis and IVDP Clinic


The term Spondylosis is used to denote degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs. Cervical spondylosis is a condition that occurs due to degeneration of the discs in cervical region while such changes at lumbar region cause lumbar spondylosis. IVDP means intervertebral disc prolapse which occurs due to trauma, improper postures and also due to degeneration.

The incidence of these conditions is increasing at an alarming rate especially among people working with computers and those having sedentary jobs. Persons with cervical spondylosis present with pain and numbness in the neck and arm in varying intensities. Low back pain is the common manifestation of lumbar spondylosis. IVDP causes pain and stiffness in the low back region and radiating pain and numbness in the leg. These conditions, if prolonged cause severe disability to such an extent that the person will have to change his occupation many times.

Spondylosis and IVDP clinic at Ahalia has got two objectives. The first one is to identify the persons with these conditions in the initial stage itself and to treat them. Counselling for life style modification is given whenever necessary. The second objective is to provide treatment with rehabilitation to those who are affected with severe form of spondylosis so that they gain maximum functioning capacity.

Treatment packages

Cervical Spondylosis - 14 days Abhyanga ( massage with medicated oil)

1. Swedana( fomentation massage)

2. Nasyam( nasal administration of medicine)

3. Internal administration of medicines

IVDP and lumbar spondylosis - 14 days / 21 days

1. Abhyanga (massage with medicated oil)

2. Swedana (fomentation massage)

3. Kativasti(retaining medicated oil on the back)

4. Virechana(purgation)

5. Vasti (medicated enema,Internal administration of medicines)

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