Obesity Clinic


Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder in affluent societies. Its significance requires constant emphasis because it is associated with increased mortality, predisposes to the development of important diseases and diminishes the efficiency and happiness of those affected. Obesity may be defined as a condition in which there is an excessive amount of body fat.

Obesity clinic at Ahalia offers classical ayurvedic treatment along with traditional Kerala Ayurveda treatments for overweight and obesity. Counselling for life style modification and yoga are incorporated in the clinics treatment modalities.

Treatment packages : 14 Days

1.Udhvartanam (full body powder massage)

2. Bashpa sweda (steam bath)

3. Internal medicines

4. Yoga

5. Counselling

Treatment packages : 21 Days

1. Udhvartanam (full body powder massage)

2. Bashpa sweda (steam bath)

3. Vasti (medicated enema treatment)

4. Internal medicines

5. Yoga

6. Counselling

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